100 thoughts on “Denver Homeless Veteran Shares on the Criminalization of Homelessness

  1. This homeless guy is smart is right if I was homeless myself out never ever go to a shelter in fact I build my tent final space for myself and put it into their.. somewhere where no one will see it and by myself.. but this guy has the right idea..

  2. The thing with the shelters.. they lump everybody in the one shelter.. with mental problems .. bad people that's not good.. because that's a recipe for disaster so I'll never ever sleep in a shelter..

  3. If I was him I would not pay the ticket the door whether you can pay for it or not I tell him I'm homeless, pay for it when you're not getting a penny clear and simple.. the system and the government think that trying to help the homelessness by lumping them only one place that's on the way to do it.. like a herd of cattle..

  4. Jerry seems like he would be a great friend that you could just sit on the porch with have coffee and talk about anything under the sun. Its a crying shame that hes been treated like a criminal and fined for camping. Thats a stupid law in that city. I hope by now he has found a place to live and that hes happy and healthy. Do you have an update on him?

  5. Your voice can help end homelessness. If we do not fix the affordable housing crisis, homelessness will continue to get worse. Click here https://invisiblepeople.tv/getinvolved to tweet, email, call, or Facebook your federal and state legislators to tell them ending homelessness and creating more affordable housing is a priority to you.

  6. In America today. Most of the population is just a few paychecks from being homeless. And most of them are too ignorant to know it. Until it happens to them.

  7. Mark, this is sick!!! I usually have great respect for the police. However, they are undoubtedly criminalizing homeless people! Ticketing people for putting up a tent?!?! These people are being completely bullied!
    I heard a rumor on the internet that the country (as part of the entire planet) is planning to open up a housing place for the homeless. However, it'll be very cramped and these people will possibly have an RFID chip implanted into them. They start out by ticketing these people showing the public that their is a serious problem with homelessness part of which is making it obvious by unfairly ticketing these people. Then this sets up for a political figure to get on t.v. explaining how horrible the situation is and that they have developed an idea for housing all of them making nonhomeless/homeless people feel that it is a great solution along with creating positive feelings among civilians towards our federal/state governments, specifically creating feelings of trust. As a short time passes, these homeless shelters become increasingly strict to the point of being somewhat abusive. Of course the mainstream public won't be told these things. Eventually, this type of housing will slowly trickle down to all others while creating an extremely wonderful world for the incredibly wealthy/elites.
    This all may sound paranoid on my part. However, do believe that the plans for a New World Order are in the works. So, despite that I sound paranoid, perhaps even a little psychologically I'll, if something to this effect does take place, then that is when the paranoid become the truth tellers. Thank you for everything you do for the homeless Mark!

  8. I hate how most people won’t even give a second look or thought, they just assume were drug addicts or an alcoholic, this literally can be anyone, you never know how life can suddenly turn around for the worst. I’ve been in this situation thankfully now I’m 4 months off the streets

  9. When you’re homeless it’s when you truly feel the loneliest and you see who your real friends are. I’ve been there. Keep your head up bro

  10. Praying, LORD, a clean, safe, affordable home for each person needing a home. Fining people for not having a home is crazy. MERCY GOD!! You gave us Your compassion but too many people refuse to Operate in it. 😥

  11. He would be an excellent advocate for the homeless community. The city officials and the police there should be asking him what to do to help the homeless problem, not issuing him fines!

  12. god this is so heart breaking and anger making,its diabolical that people are treated like this in the richest country in the world.The resources are there to give this man a home for god sake,even a small place to rest and stay safe and clean and cook until people can get their life together.This world is so full of terrible iniquity and watching all these videos just makes my blood boil.He is right about how they give more to the rich and not helping the poor.Affordable housing for all.

  13. I just Wish our Government will step up and "Do The Right Thing"
    JERRYVILLE……For Mayor of Colorado…very well said..👍👍

  14. The comfort of the rich depends on an abundant supply of the poor (Voltaire). At least our wealthy folks are very comfortable.

  15. Remember Scrooge in A Christmas Carol when asked to help the poor replied "are there no prisons are there no work houses"?

  16. Too bad all these people can't learn to shut away the materialism and learn to receive everything they need from nature the way our ancestors did and then leave the cities and go live on the banks of the rivers and lakes why there's nobody around. If you know how to do it you leave no waste and nobody ever will know you're there. You can even buy land cheaper than what you pay for rent.

    Every injustice is over something else being of worth, than one another…. no matter where you are from, nor the language.

  18. I would tell them to put a warrant out for my arrest and that I wasn't doing any community service or anything else or paying any fine and then they would have to house me in a cell and give me a shower and three meals a day plus a place to sleep all paid for. When what is intended to be a punishment turns into a benefit they lose their power

  19. Please (please) keep us posted on Jerry with what folks can do to directly help him. I am with most here with the contention that NO ONE, particularly a(ny) veteran should be homeless nor hungry. Criminalization of homelessness is not the answer; it ignores and exacerbates the problem.

  20. We all deserve a roof,food and warmth but sadly it is a luxury.In the UK families used to look after there own but things have changed.

  21. Jerry is an intelligent and articulate man. Some of these politicians need to listen to him. I hope and pray he gets permanent housing 💜🙏🏾

  22. Cops going after harmless homeless people instead of the more dangerous thugs out there. Ridiculous. These people just need assistance, they dont need to be charged with crimes.

  23. Only need security bathroom and a place to put your stuff..surely we can facilite this. "Ticketing" homeless people is cruel.

  24. So if you pitch a tent on a public sidewalk , you get a ticket . Urban Camping ???? That interaction alone puts you in a database that says "so and so had an incident /run in with LEO's ". Then in the future, if you go looking for a Job and your prospective employee has a BCI run on you , it will come up. Many employers will not hire you . So no job. Its ALL designed to work against you . God Bless Jerry. I hope he gets his wishes (firstly , that he gets housing ! ).

  25. It seems to me if they make being homeless illegal people would try harder not to become homeless. So everybody let's get behind the police and make homeless illegal once and for all.

  26. Theses authorities need putting on trial for the inhuman atrocities they do to other human beings…the hidden hand of violence.
    It’s plain to thoses that possess empathy that people ,especially the elderly living in tents is a cruel thing to happen.

  27. This is my city of Denver I work for the public transportation system and along my route (East Colfax ave) I’ve got a bus load of people at 2am just trying to keep warm, they’ve got no where else to go, and I sure as hell ain’t gonna throw them off as long as they don’t bother anyone. I’ve been homeless a few times in my life.

  28. If being homeless is a crime, we should start charging those who make it happen, with the crime of it.. That would be our government. They've raised taxes on the poor, while absolutely not charging corporations (who have the gmen by the you-know=whats), anything.
    Look at that huge monster, Amazon; despicable. Bezos is paying not a thing in tax.. not a thing! How can that even be allowed?
    Yet persons who'd sleep in one of Bezos' boxes is charged as criminals. Crazy.

  29. BINGO! The logistics of homelessness is a bitch and the housed are completely clueless. Matter of fact….I think it was in Colorado or Utah or somewhere like that a nonprofit was running one of those "overnight homeless" experiences. This particular one involved having to travel across the city to make certain appointments.

    The one butter soft middle-class house wife flopped her ass down on the sidewalk….proclaimed defeat….and called her hubby to rescue her because she was in "distress". My my my, isn't that special. We real homeless don't have magic lamps to rub to wisk us away when the situation becomes…."less than ideal". At least she admitted she was wrong about the homeless and not to judge.

  30. Just remember… These places Mark goes to is where it's EASY to be homeless.. Imagine living around a rural town where people are extremely apprehensive and entitled.. Most of these places you are inside the back of a squad car inside an hour if you get spotted..

  31. Homelessness in America will not end until there is a US President who is serious about addressing this crisis, and that won't happen until there is a public outcry that something must be done about it. But is there a public outcry? Do most people care about this problem??

  32. He knows his housing stats. Thankful for his service.

    I think the only way the income based housing (which he mentioned) will work is if there's at least 500 units in one building or complex. That way, the owners will be able to offset what they're not getting from the lower end by collecting from the higher end, and that will keep the owners from losing money owning the property.

    Also, he's right. If there's so many empty houses, why not use them to house people?

    Mark, I think it would be great if you have us viewers submit to you our questions for the homeless about homelessness. Like how you ask, "What would you like people know about homelessness?" We could submit to you our similar questions for you to ask the homeless in future videos, as well as the questions that you ask.

  33. It’s a shame, that the rent these days are so high. Then the cops fine them because they can’t get off the streets. It is a slippery slope to hurt these people. He is so right, modern day slavery is what this is. Our system is smashed.

  34. The thing is, the recycling places don’t want to pay a person for the work their will to do. This guy hit the nail on the head in every question that was asked him.

  35. Prayers for you Jerry💕 I am very upset when I see someone who served his country only for the country to turn its back on you. It's a messed up system and should not be criminalized. I pray you find a new place. Shelters can be dangerous places. Denver is expensive, so I can imagine it is hard to find a place. I think Trump criminalized it so that they can throw people in prison for slave labor.

  36. Is there a way to contribute to Jerry's legal fund or to help him pay his tickets? I don't have much but I would like to help him. I'm near Denver and my partner lives there. I've been homeless so this is close to me

  37. The worthless PIGS write these tickets because it's easy, they pull up to one area and write ticket after ticket and then they can say "look at me, look how many tickets I wrote this month, ain't I special". and of course, if they find someone who missed a court date and now have a warrant issued for their arrest, well they get an extra donut that day.

  38. And how, exactly, do they expect a homeless person to pay a fine? Best to take the jail sentence. There, they wind up giving you food, shelter, clothing! It’s quite ridiculous.

  39. Smart man. Heart breaks for this Marine. Is this how we thank people for their service.? Talk is cheap. Thankful I saw this today, was feeling a lil sorry for myself.

  40. You need to find a way into the hearts of the voters to get them to start refusing to vote for anyone against life.

    This is ungodly. Hey start going to churches. Tell them to push senators or politicians or they wont vote for them. Btw you all need to vote as well. Start voting.

    Start conducting talks idc if you gotta use your skills to put on plays or tap dance in colkege auditiriums but start getting positive attention and hit them in the voting polls.

    Start taking names down too of judges cops and public officials ir anyone against homeless.

    Find out if youre in a business zone and try not to hurt business. These people operate on gaining revenue not losing it so find ways to benefit those businesses and avoid hurting businesses at all costs.

    Make friends do favors for those in power or with connections. Idc if you gotta wash their car, get a coffe or pickup lunch they pay of course. Just doing ereands for busy folks is huge.

    If you can make quick errands for folks at work idk walk a dog for them idk find a way to be contributing personally to those in certain positions.

    Go to library and figure out some strategies and goals have a meeting with other homeless discuss how to find solutions. You got this.

  41. I work for On-Site and homeless people trying to get shelter would have difficulty getting one cause these properties can't understand how it feels like sleeping in the streets. By that I modify these data upon verification just so they could get approved. I know how it feels like being on thier shoes. Having a comfortable house helps people focus, plan and get stuffs going. Hope by this I'm at least help homeless get the comfort they also deserves. Merry Christmas everyone 💕

  42. I'm not saying I would know how to set up a communal housing complex but this could be an option for the group of homeless much like this gentleman. Within the building, part of the living space would be the public areas (kitchen, seating area basic laundry).
    Each resident would have their own small bedroom and bathroom. Every resident would be assigned a job within and around the building. A code of conduct/rules would need to be established and followed in order for the residents to remain.
    I realize this just scatches the surface of what something like this might look like but it's just an idea of what could excise if you had a group of people committed enough to the idea to work hard to make it work. If the city could estimate how much the homeless population is costing them that could be the the first step in starting to finance this type of setting. Any government assistance that an individual resident would be subject to would have to be given to the facility where they lived. I know there are so many steps to making something like this work it's just an idea.

  43. Out of control government stealing taxpayers' money to fund special interest groups that have nothing to do with America. The great fleecing has been going on for decades upon decades. Your videos help us who aren't homeless to understand the reality of the situation. I think if you spread the news far and wide to regular citizens there will be change. People will start standing up to our corrupt government and demand respect. We have to end all the petty laws and statutes that get slipped in to protect rich people and their interests.

  44. I've seen videos of those Conestoga Huts in the Denver area set up for homeless and very low income. Jerry needs to find those places. Rows of Conestoga Huts in rows for the homeless would be a cheap, fast solution. Lockable, safe, warm, and a community shower big tent, community kitchen mess tent. Very doable.

  45. I am 34 y.o. I got 2 boys that are teenagers and if I didnt have a girlfriend I'd b homeless. My child support is outrageous. 500 a month + another 300 in insurance costs. She lives with them one town over and she won't let them live with me half the time directly for the fact SHE WONT GET MONEY from me. I told her its money for kids. Not her bills. Anyways if I missed 1 DAY in a week if bring home 125$. So if they cut us back to 40 hours a week. Yeah. That's rent anymore everywhere if not higher than 500$/mo. Child support needs done away with and parenting needs enforced. Making a person feel entitled to someone else's income is no way to handle the managment of a parents contribution to a child. The government likes it cause they get all that 💰. And the women who cheat or ruin relationships don't care about the time that could b spent with kids and their fathrr when "he should pay me"…. If you don't work more than the other parent, you shouldn't get money or custody. The person that's stable with great income should get custody. Not someone getting foodstamps working 20 hours a week. How in the hell can out govt be SO FUCKON dumb to dish out foodstamps to a mother who's getting childsupoort? I mean where in the fuck is the child support $ being used. Obviously not on food. And no one should b paying any other grown persons bills. This is why america is homeless. Not to mention theres no legitimate trickle down


  47. Jerry is an articulate and resourceful person. He would be an excellent candidate to be a House dad, someone who could manage a home for homeless men. The attachment of work to benefits must be stressed. Privacy and freedom to choose where to live comes with a commitment to work. I do understand there's a lack of jobs especially in big cities, but the experiment of providing low income homes in city projects has proven to be a hotbed of criminal activity. If the big cities are too expensive, then why not re-locate to a cheaper place to live where a low paying job can provide for a reasonable place to live? Or live with family which is the best alternative in terms of emotional support. We encourage our crisis clients to find work and not depend on a government paycheck or government housing. We provide the emotional support when family support is not an option. It's not difficult to setup a crisis center for anyone who wishes to learn more, contact [email protected],

  48. He's not making any excuses for himself! Still trying to take a leadership role in the midst of his struggles! I wonder if the Marines in Denver can assist him in any way or the government/country in which he's served? This guy is unselfish, smart, works etc….

  49. "I fought for the right to urban camp and wait for people to bring me food." What? Why is he repeatedly homeless? Drugs? Mental illness? Racism? Lack of job skills? Why not address these issues.

  50. Can this guy go to the VA for help? He should also advertise on Craigslist or other sites to tell people he's on the streets and he's looking for a room to rent. There's gotta be someone in Denver willing to help this veteran so he can get back on his feet.

  51. The poor gentleman needs to get to the hospital. Judging by his eyes, I would say he has some degree of liver failure. Stay safe.

  52. Oh yeah, one time I got put off the bus that runs Colfax avenue because I fell asleep. I paid to ride and the asshole put me off for sleeping. In Colorado the daytime highs are like overnight lows anywhere else.

  53. So then go to the damn shelters and take advantage of the programs that are offered – but they don't do that. He admits he refuses to stay in the shelter – because many of these people choose to get drunk and do drugs instead of rebuilding their lives. I have lost sympathy with this. They refuse to help themselves and blame society while disregarding their own choices. The only answer to this is involuntarily committing these people to camps and forcing them to clean themselves up and take care of themselves like human beings. Making it easier for them to stay on the streets only makes this problem worse. The fucking government is not responsible for you. YOU ARE.

  54. If he cleaned himself up he could become a advocate for the homeless. My suggestion is for him to move to a cheaper state Oklahoma, Arkansas, North Carolina and start over. Colorado is expensive due to legal marijuana. He’s a vet go to Denver VA look up a program called hudvash a section 8 for veterans.

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