‘The Hills’ Audrina Patridge Settles Nasty Divorce With Corey Bohan

‘The Hills’ Audrina Patridge Settles Nasty Divorce With Corey Bohan

the hills star Audrina Patridge has
reached a settlement with her ex-husband Corey Bohan in their nasty divorce the
settlement came just days after Bohan objected to their daughter appearing on
the new season of the MTV reality show whore documents were jointly filed by
Patridge and Bohan explaining that they have reached an agreement and plan on
filing it soon with the court both Patridge and Bohan signed the document
the terms of the deal have not been revealed as of yet and it’s unclear if
the settlement will allow for their daughter to appear on the hills reboot
as we reported Bohan was trying to block the former couple’s daughter Kyra from
appearing on the MTV show he claimed to be worried Kyra may have already filmed
scenes for the show so he added a request for an order that Patridge
revoked any prior consent she may have provided
for the minor child to appear on the hills Patrick has actually been shooting
for the show and has been seen out with Hills co-star Stephanie Pratt Patridge
and Bohan had an incredibly volatile split that included allegations of abuse
theft and an even near fistfight with the reality stars father

2 thoughts on “‘The Hills’ Audrina Patridge Settles Nasty Divorce With Corey Bohan

  1. No one ever accused the women of The Hills of having good taste in men. Heidi Montag married the ultimate D-Bag in Spencer Pratt. Lauren Conrad couldn't stop going back to bad boy Jason, and Audrina, for reasons unknown, was addicted to something called Justin Bobby, even after he cheated on her, then she stayed with this meathead ever AFTER he physically abused her.

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